More recently we have implemented some changes. These changes were brought about through these unseen times we are currently living through. In a time where the need for alternative platforms is greater, we are stepping up to provide daily inspiration and highlight all artists.

Artists are among the many who are greatly affected by the social distancing. Without an audience, how can they grow and, more importantly, how can they inspire others and the world towards change? Well, we are here to provide the audience.

Nonetheless, our purpose stays the same: To offer a free, alternative space for artists to connect and find inspiration.

You can follow our journey, learn about new artists and grab a daily art challenge on our site or instagram.
also’s director and curator is artist Mar Hester.

Everyone is encouraged to submit to our online exhibition space. Our submit form can be found here.

Read more about submissions below: 

  • also gallery does not promote the sale of work.
  • Artists retain all rights to their work published on this site.
  • All work must be professional documented.
  • Accepted work will not be cropped or altered in anyway.
  • Writers are welcome to submit essays, poems, short stories or excerpts from novels, memoirs or any other larger piece of writing.
  • The curator will choose the specific works to be exhibited direct from artist website. An exception can be made for artists wishing to exhibit a new, previously unpublished series of work. Please contact us directly after submitting.